You may be building your dream house—or reshaping your current home or office. Whatever your need, the job doesn’t end with the layout of your rooms and the selection of furnishings and decor.  Today, creating a great home or work space depends just as much on the nature and quality of the sight, sound, and control you build into it.


Our Services:

  • Whole-House/Office or multi-zone audio
  • Home/Office theaters with plasma or projection TV
  • Audio/Video System Design & Installation
  • Control System Design & Installation
  • Control System Programming
  • Network Wiring
  • System Tutorials

Our Approach:

The AMS Way is built around providing our clients with the most convenient, aesthetically pleasing and top quality A/V and control systems design and installation for their home or office within their budget.  Every job we do is guided by 4 core components:


  • Imagine controlling all your home or office electronics from a single, simple, elegantly designed interface. We can show you how.


  • Coordinated A/V and control systems help keep your rooms neat and clean. No more stacks of boxes and haphazard wiring.


  • Your A/V choices are all about the experiences you want to have, the moods you want to set. We’ll match the systems to your goals.


  • Our bottom-line objective: to get you the best results for your money.

Read more about Our Approach here: Our Process in 5 Simple Steps

We are your Electronic Architects… providing the highest-quality sight, sound, and control for your home or office.

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